Freezer Repair

Indian Hill Freezer Repair Technician with Mr. Appliance Repair Provides Solutions to Common Freezer Problems

Cleanliness and maintenance is important to keep it looking good and working efficiently

Indian Hill OH – All freezers require some maintenance to work efficiently. A small top or bottom freezer on the refrigerator or a larger chest or upright freezer will last longer and perform better if well taken care of. When freezers break down, the result is most devastating, especially when they are full of food that must stay cold to prevent spoiling. When the local freezer repair man is called for service, he responds a quickly as he can to help prevent food loss.

While he is servicing appliances, Ed Rauch, owner of Mr. Appliance Repair ( enjoys sharing tips with his customers. One problem he often addresses is noisy freezers. Most often, the cause of excess noise and vibrations from the freezer is a misaligned fan blade. When left unchecked, this can cause damage to the fan motor shaft bearings. A qualified freezer repair technician can address this problem and fix most brands of freezers and refrigerators.

Cleanliness is important for keeping the freezer looking shiny and new and keeping it odor free. The inside should be cleaned with soapy water, rinsed and dried before filling the unit again. Be sure to clean around the rubber door seal real good to remove debris so the door can shut tightly.

Keeping the freezer full ensures the unit will work more efficiently, keeping food cold and running less. When it is not full, it will work harder to maintain temperature and use more energy.

The final tip from the freezer repair expert is to only have it serviced by a qualified appliance repair technician. Fleet Appliance Repair is licensed, insured and qualified to fix most makes and models of home appliances. They also perform preventative maintenance for most appliances. Visit to learn more.

About Mr. Appliance:
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